Key qualications:

Excellent sound design, audio engineering, music arrangement, sound editing, music composition. Web design & development, Graphic designing, photo and video editing, digital marketing, social media marketing. Great communications and organizing skills.

Special skills and knowledge:

Advanced knowledge of software packages: WordPress, Elementor, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Office.  Excellent knowledge of Ableton Live, Cubase, Analog and Digital sound & video equipment.

Present position:

CEO of CentroArt, Freelance Web Designer, Sound Designer, Music Producer.

#popwillkillyou is my original art project that includes mainly photography and instalations, combined with various mix media (drawings, paintings, readymade objects, videos and music etc).

Art Shows:

• February 15th 2019.  POPWILLKILLYOU: The Simplest Surealist Act  
• March 8th 2019.  POPWILLKILLYOU: Le Cadavre Exquis Boira Le Vin Nouveau
• April 12th 2019.  POPWILLKILLYOU: Land Lines 
• October 18th 2019.  POPWILLKILLYOU: Stories from Multipla 
• November 22th 2019.  POPWILLKILLYOU: Longmans Short Film 
• December 20th 2019.  POPWILLKILLYOU: Human Experience Leftovers 
• February 28th 2020.  POPWILLKILLYOU: Bulgarian Tea Factory