We are different. Highly creative and , if necessary, modest.Great design is intuitive, practical and timeless.We uncompromisingly strive for original design. And a design is great only if it is both beautiful and functional. We create unique solutions that support and enhance your lifestyle.

 Recognizable. Unigue but funny.New eclecticism, a combination of styles and extraordinary attention to detail. From modern to traditional ideas inspired by location, vocation, characterology.

 Recycling is must. Old wooden chairs and cabinets, vintage hats and suitcases, shalon doors, garden tools, rusty pots and pans, even musical instruments and shoes provide great materials for recycled crafts.

Recycling enriches modern interior design trends and gives a unique look to the redesign and decoration of the space, giving them a surprising atmosphere.

Looks like you don’t need to throw away almost anything. Recycling is a great way to save money on interior design and add character to your home. We also recycle thoughts, poetry, memories and love, but about that on another occasion.

Highly creative. Over and over again. Our ideas, design processes and constructions are always evolving, including the best in new technologies and techniques.

 Virtuoso juggling with budget to the general satisfaction of all. Because money is absolutely unimportant, unless you don’t have it. If you know how to use it, money can be a servant, otherwise it is a master. That’s where we perform. Unwavering originality, successful execution and repeated clients.

The Forest Fairy lived in the forest. In the forest of buildings and antennas and traffic signs. Mostly a buildings. She lived alone and lived on the top floor. That was the number of the floor she lived on. The last one. It was certainly a special number and a special floor. You can’t go further from that floor.

The Forest Fairy grew on its own. All alone. And she grew big. High. Because she had space. Sad Fairy was not sad in vain. Because there is a balance in the cosmos. For thousands of years, Fairy`s tears turned into diamonds and hornet’s thoughts into miraculous ideas, magical images, healing words. So the cosmos was trying to show her that she vas not sad in vain.

Once upon a time there was a man. He was very young. But he grew big.

And young. So young that crumbs of egg shells still stood in his hair. So young that he could still breathe in the water. So young that he had no memories. Or maybe it’s from something else.

He grew big. In two dimensions: length and wight.

He used to be longer, when the light from the top of the window peeked out in the morning. And he used to be smarter. Whenever. And when he wanted someone not to like him and when he wanted someone not to like him at all. And sometimes usually.